UPAC with storeage

For homes or companies with mostly nightly consumption, UPAC self-consumption does not, in most cases, become profitable.

In such situations, there is the self-consumption with storage. When there is a surplus, the energy is used to charge the batteries, and in case of a deficit of solar energy (or at night), the energy of the batteries is injected, keeping, whenever possible, the "meter" at zero, without surplus energy and without consumption (there is always a negligible residual consumption)).

This system allows the installation of more photovoltaic panels, with reduced energy injection, and with much more significant savings than self-consumption without accumulation, for reduced daytime consumption. (despite the longer return time).

This type of installations can be done from zero, or installed in existing self-cosumption installations.

With the generalization of lithium batteries, this type of installations has become even more attractive due to the lack of maintenance, and the reduced space occupied.

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